The Importance of Testing In Software Development

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The digital world has no doubt brought people across the world closer. It has clearly diluted all the geographical boundaries and has become a significant portion of people’s lives. Through this technology, people are able to connect well with their family friends staying in distant places. Using social media people can not only connect with their acquaintances but also the co-workers and people from different fields and communities.

There is a lot of exchange of information that takes place using this platform. Forums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter handle a lot of public and personal information. Academic institutes and corporate employees also use the social media to identify potential employees and students.


With so much of the information available and that too with an easy accessibility through social media platform, it increases the risk of identity theft. So, it is important to take steps that keep the personal information protected. Based on a Survey Report over 16 million people staying in the US became victims of identity theft.

Every day there is one or the other public forum coming up on social media which is why it is become even more important to protect all the personal information on these sites. There are several ways to keep personal information safe while still enjoying the benefits of making social media connections. Typically, there are four main ways to do it: the first one should that who are people or contacts that the information is being shared. Second always store and dispose all the personal information securely and be extra careful with Social Security number; Third before sharing any personal information always ask the objective behind asking that personal information; and last but not the least keep the computer and other electronic devices safe and secure with appropriate passwords.

There are other key points that one should be mindful of to keep the personal Data secure:

Beware of Impersonators
While sharing any kind of personal information one should always be aware that who are the end users of that information. Never provide any kind of personal information over the phone or through E-mails without initiating the contact or unless you know the person. If any company claims to have your account still do not click on the links sent by them instead of copy their web link and paste it on google, go to their site and then contact them through customer service to check if the company has really sent a request.

Data Encryption
Always keep your browser security to guard against all your online transactions using the encryption software. This software scrambles information that you send over the internet. Every time you make any transaction a “Lock” icon will appear on the status bar which will ensure that all your personal information is safe.

Protect your Password
While creating any password for your laptop, credit, bank other any other account keeps it strong. Don’t create the passwords that can be easily guessed and don’t use the same password for different websites. Use alphanumeric and special characteristics while creating the password.

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